At Octopus Ink, we breathe and live interior design and elegant furnishings. We are quite passionate about new projects and would truly love to hear about yours. Contact us using the form below.

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Let’s bring your dream furnishings, accessories, hardware, and other fixtures to physical manifestation in the best and most affordable way possible.


Your home may be well designed, but won’t shine like it should without the right furnishings. We can transform it using the best pieces of furniture and accessories into an elegant home. Interior design is our passion.

Commercial and Residential

We handle all types and sizes of commercial interior design projects in close collaboration with architects and builders. We offer design solutions geared towards meeting our clients’ needs to the letter.

We have a keen eye to details when dealing with residential projects in Mumbai and the neighboring areas. By working closely with our clients through the entire design process, we have been able to create interiors that are true reflections of the homeowner’s unique lifestyle. You can check a few samples of our interior design styles to get a feel of what we do.

We provide a comprehensive range of interior design services in Mumbai. Unique designs, high quality work, and affordable costs are our special selling points. We provide all types of interior design solutions for both commercial and residential buildings including villas hotels, conference halls, palaces, furnished apartments, flats, offices, shops, and many more. When you think of elegant interiors, think of Octopus Ink.

Self identity through exclusive designs is our specialty. Let our professional interior designers and engineers work on your project to your satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you with a full and comprehensive design package that meets your individually unique needs and preferences. Let’s walk together and transform your concepts from sketches on paper to reality.